Poker fold to f cbet

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partypoker - 30/60 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players BTN: 28.33 BB (VPIP: 23.56, PFR: 19.96, 3Bet Preflop: 7.25, Hands: 6,617) SB: 72.33 ...

Is it a leak to fold to cbet more than ~40%? : poker - reddit Just to fill in some numbers from /u/hsusbot 's post, for 1/2 pot cbets, you can fold 33% unexploitably. For pot cbets it would be 50%. Actual folding frequencies should be higher because of multiway pots. That said, you don't need to play unexploitably at the micros. Exploiter les statistiques de son tracker poker: F@CBET F@CBET: le pourcentage de fold sur les cbet On s'intéresse ici à la stat "fold to cbet", ou dans la suite: F@CBET. Il s'agit du pourcentage de fois où un joueur passe lorsque un adversaire mise, soit sur le flop, la turn ou la river. BEGINNERS2 - HUD Details - Poker Software - Hold'em Flop CBet: 42: Fold to F CBet: 12: Fold to F Raise: 60----- AFq Turn: 31: Agg Turn: 7.70: Ch/r Turn: 65: 3 Bet Turn: 57: CBet Turn: 34: Fold to T CBet: 32: Fold to T 3Bet: 43----- The use of HM2 is in complete compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the poker sites it supports.

Čaute... ...moje predstavenie si nájdete na Hrám CG na 6-tich stoloch a momentálne sa nachádzam na prechode z NL5 na NL10. Rád by som začal ...

Fold to Turn Cbet | PokerNews “Fold to Flop Cbet” represents the other side of the previous statistic.For example, a player who has a high “VP$IP,” a low “PFR,” a low “Fold to LP Steal,” and a high “ Fold to Flop Cbet” can still be stolen from a lot because those stats suggest the player is playing fit-or- fold poker, giving up a lot when not... Fold to c bet stats - Cash Games - CardsChat So, I have a question about exploiting high fold to cbet stats. Let's assume they have a f cbet of 70% how often should we be c betting

(Note: Ready to improve your poker game, move up in stakes and make more money? Learn more about The Poker Lab training course by clicking here or below.) C-Betting In Position vs Out of Position. Now let’s have a look at a sample hand on a “normal” flop texture to see these differences in action.

Fold 3Bet — как часто игрок сбрасывает карты на ре-рейзFolded CBet — как часто игрок сбрасывается на продолженную ставкуПоскольку покер — это игра стремящаяся к нулю, то логично предположить, что «нулевая... PT4 LeakTracker suggested Fold to F/T/R bet | Run It… Run It Once Poker Poker. You must be logged in to perform this action.Note that Fold to Flop Cbet is considered "good" as all aspects of my Pre-Flop game. Now I was really surprised how these suggested value ranges looked like: all three in the range of 10-20%. PokerKing Asia добавил All-in or Fold столы

Continuation Bet (CBET) - Poker Statistics

When your opponent has a low fold to continuation bet, you have less fold equity. In this case, you should be continuation betting less as a bluff and more for value. Good opponents will usually have a fold to continuation bet somewhere around 42%–57% at the lower stakes.